So different, it can only be called a feeding revolution.

Seasons Feed is an entirely new way to feed your horses.

No one in your family is more affected by seasons than your horses. In the spring, vitamins and sugars surge in green pastures, coats shed, and beautiful riding weather burns calories. Summer is brutally hot and bug-bitten, autumn requires building for warmth, and by winter digestive stress comes to the fore, hooves need maximum support, and even quality hay is lacking key vitamins.

Most owners already make periodic dietary changes to help their horses with each season, but now there’s a miracle pellet that’s done the work: Seasons Feed. Simply provide the current Seasons formula (Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter), plus adequate forage, to ensure your horse is ready to take on today’s challenges. With Seasons, change is in the air. And with it, revolutionary simplicity.

How Seasons Feed makes your life simple… and your horse’s, better.

Every three months, Seasons Feed will begin shipping a new formula to dealers for the coming season. Each of the four formulas is a high quality fortified feed with such healthful ingredients as flax, vitamin E and biotin, but each season’s formula is perfected to provide maximum support and protection for your horse at that time of year. For example, year ‘round our formulas contain Probiotic Yeast, but we put in more of this during winter, a time known to be particularly stressful on equine digestion. And summer gets a full dose of bug-repelling ingredients, whereas spring and fall get half doses.

How Seasons Feed saves you money.

Seasons Feed is fully fortified with recommended levels of vitamins and minerals, plus many of the basic supplements you’ve probably been buying. Hoof, digestive, coat, bug relief… all of those supplements are included in Seasons Feed, as is appropriate for the season at hand.

Seasons Feed is proven palatable, with a very high acceptance rate. All formulas are pelleted to prevent sorting or settling of ingredients, and to promote maximum digestibility with horses of all dental conditions. (Pellets also draw less flies to your feed room, and produce less manure.) Seasons Feed can be fed to all horses over 12 months in age, and is suitable to be fed with pasture, grass or legume hay, or any combination thereof.


Seasons Feed